Why should I use CLC? Our background

Why should I use CLC? Our background

Choosing the right representatives in the pylon compensation process could mean a huge difference in terms of the final payout. Compensation for electricity lines or pylons is a one off payment per property so it is important you get the highest possible payment.

Since 2008, Cambridge Land Consultants have been helping people across the UK to win the right financial compensation as a result of their properties or land being in close proximity to electricity lines and pylons. We want to help you, and we think we’re particularly well placed to do so. Here’s why:

Our qualifications

When it comes to preparing your claim for electricity line or pylon compensation, it is vital that you are given the correct advice at the right time.

We employ members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Fellows of the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers.

With strict rules governing client care, these two associations represent the benchmark for professional property advice through their highly-regarded accreditation regulation scheme. We are proud to carry this standard throughout our work, and believe it is vital to ensuring our clients get what they deserve.

Our experience and expertise

With nearly a decade in the business, we have dealt with such a huge variety of cases that we now have the network, contacts, and know-how necessary for successfully negotiating with electricity companies for compensation. This is thanks to our work with all of the major electricity companies—we know how they work, how they approach compensation, and therefore how to negotiate the maximum possible sum for our client in each case.

Not only this, but we have the expertise to back it up. Your representatives in any pylon compensation case will have an extensive knowledge of the law as well as the qualifications to back it up. This means the process will be straightforward, easy, and less of a headache for you—in fact, once you’ve contacted us and we’ve assessed your case, you don’t have to do anything beyond signing the final paperwork so that you can receive your payment. Meanwhile, we will keep you updated on the case’s progress while our team of Chartered Surveyors work on negotiating you the compensation you deserve.

As specialists in the field, Cambridge Land Consultants are dedicated to helping everyone—regardless of property size or value—pursue and win cases with electricity companies for property infringements and market devaluation. What’s more, we have no upfront fees or expenses, no assessment costs, and a no-risk claim process. Contact us today for an obligation-free conversation to find out more about how we can help you with your potential electricity line or pylon compensation case.