Why have I not heard about being able to claim before?

Why have I not heard about being able to claim before?

It’s a fair question - and one that potential clients often raise with us.

There are actually several explanations as to why you have not been aware of your ability to receive a settlement as a result of having electrical apparatus on, or crossing over, your property.

One quite common reason for an outstanding claim is that the electricity line was already there before your house was built. What many people don’t know, however, is that the knowledge of the electricity line being on your land before you bought the house does not impact your eligibility to receive a settlement payment - that is, provided a previous owner has not already claimed.

A small section of the electricity line crossing over your property’s boundary could also have been missed by the electricity company when the line was first erected and agreements drawn up.

Electricity lines are often located just next to gardens, but not actually on or over the homeowner’s land. It may be that the lines are still close enough to your boundary that the electricity lines swing over your property’s hedge or fence in windy weather. If this is the case, then we are likely to still be able to negotiate a settlement payment on your behalf. We have recently agreed several claims where lines have just swung over clients gardens by only a few metres. These claims have resulted in gross settlement payments of between £15,000 - £20,000.

Furthermore, another reason you may be unaware of your eligibility for a pay-out is that you may be currently receiving a small annual payment from the electricity company known as a ‘Wayleave Payment’. However, this makes no difference to your right to a large compensation payment.

We often hear from clients that the electricity line has always been there and the owners have just never thought that much about it. People just get used to having the electricity apparatus there. It often only comes to mind when people put their homes on the market to be sold and experience negative feedback from agents or potential buyers. However, it may be too late to claim at this stage, as claiming can take longer than the sales process and the right to claim passes with the property. Please let us know if your property is eligible or if you are planning to sell your home.

It is also becoming fairly common for people to buy small parcels of land to extend their gardens to be used as a horse paddock or simply because the piece of land became available. If you have bought a piece of land adjoining or near to your home with electricity lines crossing over it, then it may now be possible for us to negotiate a settlement for you.

So if you would like us to review your property and assess your potential claim, then please contact us for an obligation-free informal chat on 01223 370011 - or email us at enquiries@clconsultants.co.uk.